About Us

Sabrin Corporation was founded in 1961 by Josef A. Wrablicz. Immigrating to the USA from Austria, Josef was a young, eager man with an aspiration to build a business in the Aerospace Industry specializing in high temperature metal forming and fabrication. In doing what he had set out to do, Josef has left the next generation a solid grounding with over 50 years of manufacturing unique Aerospace Assemblies and Components, earning us the recognition as a leader in our field of work. The list of exotic metals, which we can form and manufacture is extensive. They range from Aluminum and Alloys to Titanium, Tungsten and Tantalum, just to name a few. We hold close relationships with all of our clients, some of which we have been working side by side with for over the last four decades. This gives all of our current and future clients the comfort of knowing that we have a proven track record for delivering precision, reliability, quality and excellence.

manufacturing innovative, cutting-edge assemblies for the aerospace,
military, and medical device industries.


From its inception Sabrin Corporation has been involved in a variety of programs that has shaped history. First the Apollo program where we were responsible for the first wheels to touch the Moon’s surface to the Star Wars Program, NASA Space Shuttle Program, as well as, sub-assemblies and components for major commercial and Military aircraft just to name a few.

It doesn’t end there, Sabrin Corporation was involved in the manufacturing of
Titanium implants for Johns Hopkins University Insulin Implant Development Project that has changed the way diabetes is being treated. And today with the on-going JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) Program where we are a DDTC Registrant with the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.



We provide High Temperature Metal Forming, Deep draw Metal Forming, CNC Precision Machining (Tolerance of .0005), Tool & Die Work, as well as Complete Assemblies to precise customer requirements and specification.

We also have an extensive approved Supplier list for any outsourcing requirements which may be needed to go into the production of your specific parts such as, Heat-Treating, Chemical Processing, Mig and Tig Welding, Marking/Etching, Annodyzing & Brazing. We spin some of the most exotic materials in the industry; this and our close tolerance capabilities make us a leading supplier to our customers requiring metal spun parts.


Quality is not just a catch phrase to get our customers attention, it has been ingrained in the fabric of our company since the beginning, which has built us a reputation that has set us apart. Manufacturing Quality Parts with a minimal rejection track record has been one of the lifelines
to our success and longevity in a very competitive market. We are committed to customer satisfaction through meeting all of their needs, along with all other legal requirements. With our customers ever increasing need to ensure on time delivery. Sabrin Corporation is meeting your needs by constantly expanding our capabilities, along with having continual improvement to our Quality Management System.

our vision

We seek to enable mankind to achieve bold dreams by inventing the most reliable technological components used around the globe and in outer space.

our mission

We manufacture innovative, cutting-edge assemblies for the aerospace, military, and medical device industries. Coupled with CNC precision machining and metal spinning technology, our human ingenuity is what separates us from the rest. We leverage our knowledge and experience to fabricate raw materials into high quality finished components.


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